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The best vets from around New Zealand and the world are coming to Massey University. THE ANIMAL FILES follows their incredible work and their ground breaking cases. Series 1 of THE ANIMAL FILES has just finished screening on PRIME.

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Following on from the success of our last TVCs with them, Quitline approached Screentime again to deliver its latest campaign.

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Following on from 'The Moment I Knew' TVC's which Screentime produced earlier in the year, we have recently been a part of another commercial campaign for Quitline. Launched on the 3 November 2013, the Did You Know? campaign provides... read more...

Fashion is fabulous and fun but it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not each season. This is where Westfield come to the rescue with their Style Workshops focussing on the latest trends in clothing, hair and makeup. The... read more...

A successful, fast-growing company takes a lot of team work.That's one reason Warehouse Stationery invest so much in the careers of everyone who works there. You can start as a trainee, or bring your skills from a previous role, and they'll... read more...

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If you have any information that may help solve a crime you've seen on Police Ten 7, please visit the New Zealand Police website at