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Benefits of On-Location Editing

Microsoft NZ Communications Manager Carol Leishman recently required a high-quality video record of a 3-5min interview held at a key client's premises on a Monday for inclusion in a PowerPoint presentation (as a full-screen Windows Media Video clip) to dealers the next morning.

The presentation needed to include limited additional grafics and logos but also needed to be completed quickly enough that it could accompany one of the presenters to Christchurch that afternoon to be slotted into their visual support.The time frame was tight, and the usual process of recording to tape, taking the tape back to the edit suite to digitize into the computer for editing and getting the client in to approve the final product, just wasn't going to work.

Our solution was to record the interview direct to a laptop editing system. In this way we kept the production schedule (and budget!) to just the half a day on location where we shot the interview and completed the edit to preview for the client's approval, before burning to CD. And our hands never left our wrists.

The benefit to any business of using this video production process is not only a smooth and relaxed production during recording (as always), but also confidence in getting a recording which delivers the clearest message in the shortest possible timeframe.

The savings in time and editing budget can be even greater when used on long-form recordings such as conferences and presentations where minimum editing is required. Because there's no additional time taken to transfer the recording from tape to the editing system (sometimes hours worth) there's less charge for editing time. Something to consider on your next presentation recording...