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CD Media Kits

DB Breweries' Communications Advisor, Kathryn Griffiths, wanted to compile various media she had collected during Heineken's recent nationwide DJ competition to send back to Heineken's worldwide office.

This included a combination of TV interviews and news items, radio interviews from regional stations, and Handycam footage of the 3 regional competitions and winning DJ's.

We encoded (and in some cases edited) all the material to Windows Media files and created a menu navigated CD-R so that all the different clips could be found by media (radio or TV), region and interview subject. All themed in the found@thirst branding. We even edited together a short music clip featuring the regional winners to offer an idea of the atmosphere at the regional finals.

The CD could just as easily have included examples of press and billboard media or web content and links, ideal for advertising campaign competition entries. Video, audio and print examples- all on one handy CD.