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360degree recording

The purpose of these items is to keep our clients up to date with the advances in multimedia tools for helping your business communicate more effectively.

We were asked to investigate a new visual archiving tool for a client which may also be of interest to your business. It's not video, but it's a cost effective and highly functional way of visually archiving major construction or building projects your business may be involved in.

We were recently recorded a major construction project. The client wanted the ability to make a detailed visual record of the project for a number of reasons: as a record of all elements associated with project for quantity surveying purposes, and as a record of conditions around the project prior to re-establishment as support against any possible future claims. The most important elements of this type of archival tool are:

simple, direct access to the images recorded

high quality images showing maximum practical detail

one central, easily viewable storage for these images.

For these reasons we recommend recording the project as interactive, user-directed 360 digital still images or QTVR (rather than video for instance) and storing these on CDROM with a simple navigation/ menu interface.

The advantages of this approach are that the images can be:

zoomed into for more detailed investigation,

accessed quickly and directly without having to shuttle backwards and forward thru other material,

can be printed out if required,

and can be stored on one CDROM or hard drive (with multi copies made if necessary).

The benefit to any business is the 360 viewing of video with the functionality, speed of access and superior resolution of digital stills a clearer appreciation of each location and its relationship to the surrounding area. Essentially, a project administration and production tool of the highest functionality (and it's usually much cheaper than video... did we say that?)

Building a new office? Recording progress on a construction project? Let us show you how QTVR works.