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Induction Videos

OCS wanted new employees to feel excited about the prospect of working for a reliable and successful local arm of an international company. After watching the video they needed new employees to feel positive about the opportunities with the company, that they'd made the right decision to join it, and to feel that with OCS they’re not “just a cleaner”.

The main and initial audience for this video is new employees, often with poor English comprehension, as part of their initial induction to the company. These inductions take place around the country, sometimes offsite, and usually in small groups of 1-4.

Anyone can produce a company profile. This video also had to provide its audience with an improved understanding of the company’s priorities and vision all in a concise, visually stimulating, and engaging manner.

So OCS commissioned Screentime to produce a video which introduces the company to new employees in the cleaning division, while at the same time emphasising the importance of a safe working environment. It also dynamically communicates the culture at OCS and to reinforces the customer first. “can do” attitude.

As with any large organisation, many new employees may have very little first-hand, face-to-face contact with people in the rest of the company. So it’s important to portray the personality of the team, with a sense of humour and passion for success. In OCS’s case cleaning the country and putting the customer first.

For the main audience this video will be their first close-up introduction to OCS. Ideally you could take everyone on a tour of the types of working environments they’ll encounter and safety issues these encompass, as well as introduce them to all the other employees. Practically though, with an operation of this size and geographical spread, you can’t. But you can demonstrate their important place in the organisation and introduce a sample cross-section of their fellow employees on video- and that’s the approach we recommend taking with this induction message.

We felt that the best people to deliver this message were the employees themselves. So we helped OCS create a video that would bookend induction sessions- with a welcome to the company at the start, and a recap of the main things they needed to remember at the end- from people just like them. It wasn't always easy- 'performing' for the camera doesn't come naturally to most people- but with our experience and a little patience we encouraged everyone involved to enjoy trying something new. The result was worth it, and the feedback from the client- and more importantly new employees, reinforced our belief that the best people to promote a business are the people who work in it.

There are many sound reasons for producing a staff induction video:

- Improved consistency of delivery of a company’s induction programme across the entire company.

- A desire to help branch or departmental managers to optimise their time management with regard to induction and staff training.

- Improved induction message retention by inductees.

- Documented compliance with Health & Safety requirements.

- Considered and emotive presentation of the organisation's culture and Vision to all new employees.

Although the primary and initial audience is new team members, these videos modules can be made available to existing team members who require training refreshers.
Some induction modules ideally suited to delivery on video are:

- Company Profile: possibly including positive client and team testimonials to support the overview of the company and its vision. This can be a more emotive and powerful visual version of a company’s printed and online promotional material.

- Health and Safety Policy: correct procedures for safe handling of goods; mandatory safety procedures, reinforcement of key safety messages such as "Look out for your mates" or "Check It Twice"etc. Dramatic reenactments of near misses or accidents, as well as recorded stories of those affected by health & safety breeches have greater recall and and cut-through than printed rules and regulations.

- Alcohol and Drugs Policy.

- Correct operation of equipment and vehicles.

However there may be dozens of training modules in a company’s induction programme suitable for video delivery, so an appropriate strategy is often to produce an initial selection of modules with which to trial the approach.

These can be modules which have recently been updated with new information or policies, areas of training where a below-standard level of understanding or compliance has been identified, or modules which will have multiple use – such as a company profile.

The benefit to a company of this approach is that it minimises financial outlay and risk while allowing revised, improved modules to be trialed immediately.

Screentime Communications has over 20 years experience producing this type of HR tool to put to work for your business right now. Check out some recent projectes- including part of the OCS induction message on our home-page showreel.