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Turbo charging your PowerPoint presentations

A powerful and simple way to add value to, or simply liven up, a PowerPoint presentation is by incorporating video and audio. This could be examples of your TV advertising, messages from associates who can’t be at the presentation, or testimonials and vox-pops from partners or customers. It also still has some novelty value so may give your presentation a point of difference for its delivery as well as its content.

Many people are surprised to discover how easy it is to include video content in their PowerPoint Presentations. Some didn't even know it was possible. But you do need to have your video encoded to a format which will play on computer (Flash, MPEG1, QuickTime, or, my personal favourite, Windows Media Video (WMV)).

One of PowerPoint’s most powerful features is its ability to trigger video, audio and animation content. As long as your presentation computer has a media player (Windows or QuickTime for instance) you can include any format that they’ll play in your PowerPoint presentation.

Whether played on a laptop screen or projected via a data projector, the visual impact of moving images immediately focuses attention and stimulates your audience’s brain.

There would be few presentation topics which wouldn’t benefit from the emotive power of moving images. Examples include:

Insurance or Superannuation Scheme Presentations
Supplant some of your graphs and statistics with short interviews with/testimonials from satisfied clients. Many audiences will relate better to people (especially people like them) than facts and figures – no matter how compelling they are.

Sales Presentations
Record and include vox-pops with consumers which represent the demographic you’re demonstrating. This will often get the message across quicker and more effectively than a bar graph or bullet points. They can also often be much more entertaining!

Product Demonstrations
It’s not always possible to bring a product or service into the boardroom, but if your demonstration is recorded and stored on your laptop you can take it wherever you go.

Awards Presentations
Incorporate full-screen animated titles between nominee and winner graphics, acceptance speeches from unavailable winners, or humorous 'roast' messages for winners from co-workers.

You can even incorporate video and audio files to play in Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. The latest versions of Acrobat will play clips using Quicktime, and because it has many of the transition and slide-show functions of PowerPoint, it can be used to create elaborate presentations created in many other everyday programmes like Word or FrontPage.
The beauty of these Acrobat presentations is that, as with any PDF file, they can be read, transferred to, and played by anyone with the freely-downloadable Acrobat reader software and QuickTime media player.
Because all the information, fonts, layout, pictures and colours (everything except the video content) is embedded and compressed into the PDF (or PPT Show) file, you don’t have to worry about other PC’s not having the same fonts and images.

We can show you some examples of video used in PPT presentations in very cool and memorable ways- just drop us line.

In summary, by adding a few video clips, your corporate theme, jingle or music, your sales presentation automatically becomes more memorable, more interesting to watch and therefore MORE EFFECTIVE.