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Leveraging External Advertising

Next time you're producing a major advertising campaign, especially a TV one, consider recording the more visually interesting parts of the process to present as part of your in-house lead-up to the campaign launch.

It provides an interesting, memorable and out of the ordinary accompaniment when presenting the campaign’s genesis, approach and execution to staff.

Many staff in large organisations never come in to contact with the “glamorous” (yeah, right) side of the business. This approach can give them greater ownership of your company’s campaign by giving them inside info and gossip on the behind the scene story.

One approach is to present the information like an Entertainment Tonight show- using other staff members as the presenters, or even getting local celebs or performers in to host it. Another approach is the simple cinema verite one, more documentary style, again interviewing key positions such as the Marketing Mgr, Agency Creatives, Director, actors and even the crew.

The benefits to a business and to the success of the campaign are that you get more effective reinforcement of the campaign message internally because all staff understand why it’s been presented this way, and increased buy-in and ownership from those staff.