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Helping Consumers Spend... With YouHelping Consumers Spend... With You

Helping Consumers Spend... With You

How many times have you gone into a store to look for a gift without knowing exactly what you want? Exactly.

It's well known that part of a sales person's job is to help a customer make a purchasing decision., but at traditionally busy times of the year- like Christmas- there's not always the staff available on the shop floor to do this. Here's where a strategically placed Point Of Sale product video display can help.

Why not play a visually stimulating, sequence of thought-starters? Gift suggestions could be grouped into the types of typical recipients- Mum's, Dad's, older relatives, age-groups of kids, co-workers, etc. Or bracketed into price ranges- "Gifts for under $10/$30/$50/$100 ".

These needn't be detailed advertisements for product, just a hand-full of suggestions for each recipient, or from each price group, to get the customer thinking. You've helped your customer solve a problem and made sales you might have missed out on.
What a great customer service!

I was thinking the other day how many more sales my local fireworks seller would be making if he had a video of what all the different models looked like- or maybe not...

Anyway,the benefits to your business are:
- It's not reliant on how motivated or available the sales team are.
- You have complete control over the delivery and content of the message.
- Capitalizes on your external marketing
- Your business makes more sales.

Digital photo frames that play video from an SD card are dirt cheap these days- especially in bulk- so can you can have these dotted all around your retail area (you might have to invest in alarms too of course but these will be useful all year round.

Screentime Communications produce in-store marketing tools like this all year round but especially at Christmas, so get in touch if you'd like us to help you explore the many different ways of exposing more of your product to the customer using video.