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Distressing News for Advertisers

For all those small business owners who thought TV advertising was beyond their budget, consider getting distressed. That's 'distress space" or remnant advertising, last minute deals- maybe 1/2 price- to fill unsold ad space.

And this isn't necessarily space in the middle of the night amongst the infomercials. Although newspapers and radio offer the most opportunities, regional and pay TV channels are seldom able to fill all the available advertising slots. As Vic Milner reported in a recent edition of "businessman today" "The first rule to making distress space work for your business is to be ready to snap up the offer. Have a variety of marketing material prepared and ready to go." That could be having a 15-30sec TVC that can not only be slotted into a broadcast slot, but also used on trade show stands or on your website in the meantime.

Creating a focussed, visually memorable message doesn't have to cost the earth. Take a look at some of the ads created for clients of new-to-New Zealand advertising brand TVLowCost (another source of extremely cost-effective TVC production) to see some simple messages cleverly executed.

Screentime can help you explore ways of creating just this sort of advertising and promotional message- no charge, no obligation- so that, when the opportunity arises, your business is ready to take advantage of it.