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Get Them Closer To The Action

How do you get 30-40 people into 38m-deep shaft on a construction site to see a tunnel-boring machine start work? Or a few hundred guests at an outdoor sports event to be able to see the most exciting but almost inaccessible part of the course?

The easiest- and safest- way is to set up a live video feed from a single, or multiple cameras to an adjacent venue with a large screen and plenty of delicious refreshments. That's the solution we came up with recently when a major utility provider wanted to celebrate a milestone in a important infrastructure upgrade by allowing stakeholders and guests to virtually visit an area of the project they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. Certainly not all at the same time or without negotiating a potentially hazardous location.

By transmitting images from two cameras on the site, via wireless transmitter, to a suitably appointed venue nearby, issues of muliple site inductions and guest safety can avoided (except for possible burnt tongue from hot canapes). By providing a knowledgeable project team member accompanying the cameras with a radio mic, guests can even communicate with the site to ask questions about what they're seeing.

The benefit of this type of production is improved awareness among stakeholders of the scale or uniqueness of a project and stronger engagement with it. It's also a memorable way to commemorate a key stage in the project.