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Tell Them, and Tell Them Again. Or Just Show Them...

We’re often asked to help produce Product Knowledge Videos, easily accessible video series which demonstrate and educate staff and customers on the features and benefits of key products in a product range.

The initial and primary presentation medium for these videos can be on the company’s website, and as full-screen WMV/QT/MPEG clips for laptop playback by the sales force. Ideally the technical quality of the production should provide for its suitability for broadcast TVCs.

The main audience for this video is any potential customer visiting the website or in sales presentations by the sales force away from the showroom. As above, this target audience may also extend to TV viewers. After watching the video you want the viewer to understand and remember your products’ unique selling points and benefits.
The benefits to your company include:
- wider understanding of the features and benefits of its products among customers and specifiers.
- more powerful and memorable online product education
- better informed general sales force
- an additional, unique sales tool for the off-site sales force

With Product Knowledge or educational videos the features and benefits of the products should be allowed to speak for themselves. To that end there’s little value in employing eye-catching graphics and clever visual effects, tools which wouldn’t be available to sales staff in the showroom anyway. These segments should provide the staff with a clear and strong message of how the products are best positioned and presented, and the customers with a simple concise selection of the Features and Benefits.
One way of doing this is to have an experienced and knowledgeable product specialist from within the company present the ranges, either to an interviewer representing the customers perspective, or direct to camera.

The benefits of presenting the message in this manner are that even if sales staff simply replicate the way the product is presented on the videos they'll be presenting it correctly. And for customers, the message is more engaging and visually stimulating than simple supporting close-up product demonstrations and key point graphics with a voice-over and music. There are many good interviewers who can add great value to a training programme by engaging (and even entertaining) the audience. All have presented product training messages for Screentime clients in the past. A celebrity familiar with, or associated with the industry is also an option.

The benefit to your business is videos with a more engaging presentation and stronger recall. It's also your guarantee of getting an marketing tool which not only delivers its message clearly and effectively, but which attracts attention for its point of difference.