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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

So, the research survey results are back. You have detailed and in some cases surprising information about a key market or audience for your product, service, publication. The PowerPoint show presenting the data and statistics is ready and the reps are primed to take it out into the market. But you want to present this information in a way that's more memorable, more pertinent- that puts the feedback into the mouths of the survey respondents.

Here's where carefully cast and scripted 'vox-pops', or 'acted interviews' can give the information greater recall and engage emotionally with the audience. Give it a face.

Seeing and hearing a representative 30-50 year old working mother explaining her worries, desires or opinions on screen will always give the information far greater recall than a list of bullet points, statistics and percentages. And the clips can be grouped together or played individually in a PPT presentation, off DVD, or presented online.

Let us show you what we mean and explore the benefits of this approach for your next presentation.