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Giveaway DVDs

What would recipients (clients, potential clients, or franchisees for example) appreciate on a free promotional DVD?
One that actually led to more business for your business.

We recently brainstormed this question for a business who wanted to produce a regular DVD to send to clients and around their own organisation and came up with the following suggestions:

- Thought-starters.
- Inspiration.
- Insights into their business or service.

In other words, free stuff which makes your company seem helpful without coming across as a blatant advertisement for how great you are.

What might inspire them to play a subsequent DVD?
You want to deliver something that goes straight in the DVD player/drive, not sit on their desk or in their in tray for weeks. I looked at this from my own point of view and decided it would be knowing the DVD's going to be:

- Interesting
- Stimulating (visually and educationally)
- Informative
- Interactive
- And includes 'takeaways'

How Comfortable Is Your Target Audience with Computers?
You should take into consideration your audience's level of computer knowledge and comfort. Don't plan elaborate navigation for the elderly who often have not been extensively exposed to computers. You should plan your DVD with your target audience in mind.

Use a simple navigation / menu structure.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but when planning the DVD, remember the KISS philosophy. Try to create the DVD so it has an easy to use navigation / menu interface, because if its easy, it will be used. The last thing you want your potential and current clients to do is figure out how to view the different messages contained within.