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Converting videos to digital files

I regularly see people struggling with a DVD or VHS machine to switch video feeds or find the right clip during a PowerPoint presentation. This can be in a training session, a conference or awards show, or a sales presentation.

The easiest solution is to convert any video clips you have into WMV or QT clips. These can then be incorporated directly into the PPT sequence and set to play full screen or in a window to support onscreen text- the options are varied. Screentime can help with this sort of project- from a straightforward VHS/DVD to file conversion, to reediting or separating a longer clip into smaller ones which can be played at different places throughout the presentation.

Another use for any corporate videos you've invested in which are currently languishing in a cupboard waiting to be requested or needed for a presentation, is to make them viewable on website at any time- either publicly or behind a secure login.

Through an arrangement with Vidego, Screentime can present any video or videos we've created for you in a branded, single or multi-video player hosted on a dedicated video server. You simply embed the player code we supply you with onto one of your web pages or add a link to a player which opens in a new window. For projects we've created, a single video in a player can be up on your site for $50 a month. Contact Steve to find out how this service can work for you and what other options are available.