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Web Message in a Box

Once the company budgets are completed and the new financial year plan is underway, it's often a popular idea to use a web video to personally communicate the strategy and timeline for the coming year.

Regular team video magazines are becoming more and more popular for keeping entire networks informed and motivated. We've had more requests for information on these over the last couple years than ever before but only recently has the ability to present them online become affordable and easy enough to deliver to make this option viable for most businesses.

Why use a video magazine to communicate to your team? Because everyone in the network receives the same information, at the same time, and in the most visually stimulating way possible.

The benefit to your business is that by using video- either in DVD or online form, you can dramatically increase the cut-thru of the messages you choose to communicate. This in turn improves the effectiveness of training, sales support, and support office communiqués and therefore the quality of service.

Ideas for utilising this powerful medium could include:
- MD’s regular message to the network- personally updating every team member at their desk or laptop on important news, recognising success stories, updating them on targets, and reinforcing the team’s culture.

- Sales Rants: top sales people share their tips and enthusiasm in short, weekly motivational fixes that arrive on the sales teams computer just in time to kick-start their week. Check out the
example on Jeffery Gitomer's website.

We're continuing our new corporate web video service at Screentime. For just $1750+gst all inclusive you can record a video message to play on your website, intranet, off DVD or include in PPT.

The package includes:
- script assistance: an objective editing of your message for maximum impact in this medium.
-1 hr recording @ Screentime studio ($2000 if recorded on location): with 2-person crew (Director and videographer) camera, sound and lighting, TV makeup, autocue- basically everything you or anyone else in your organisation need to look and sound good
- 1hr edit (titles and grafix included in edit time) and we can even key in the background of your choice- your logo, a still or video of a product or location, or just a smart abstract scene in an appropriate colour scheme.
- Branded online video player to embed in your website, or link to to play in a new window.
- 1x DVD copy or PPT-suitable file.

This package is ideal for people who'd like to budget for a regular video message delivered to staff, clients or customers from their internet or intranet site, or who want an affordable option for producing a one-off message when they can't deliver it in person.

Of course it can be even more cost effective to record a number of messages at the same time, over a half or full day for instance, for future, regular broadcast such as the Sales Rant, and we would negotiate a discounted rate for this.