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Conference Kickstarter

Want to add some real drama to your conference?

You know the deal- you're first up the morning after the big night before and most of your audience just want to close their eyes while you're presenting.

"The subject is hardly sexy as we know, but the audience just lapped it up."

Or your first up after lunch/last session of the day in a stuffy conference room and most of your audience want.... the same thing.

"The room was hot and stuffy, Chris left the video to the end and it really picked up the room.
Iíve had very positive comments for the last 5 days from everyone in the business."

At Screentime we've created media support for corporate events that uses video in ways you've never imagined. Interactive, dramatic and extremely creative ways that had audiences sitting up, paying attention and requesting replays!

From mock infomercials for the release of a new CMS, to "off-season" coaching sessions for the "team" featuring hidden-camera footage, to Top Gear-style talk shows, the Screentime Communication team has a wealth of ideas and over 25 years creative experience.

We recently worked on a video for a conference presentation for a major global company that was sure to have the audience sitting forward.

They recorded candid interviews with a handful of key clients. It was warts and all stuff that delved deep into the client's relationship with the company and in particular their key contact at the company- either in sales, support or account management.

Then, at the subsequent conference, after these employees had delivered their requested report on their respective client relationships they were told they were now going to see what these client's perceptions of the relationship were. Sat in a chair onstage facing the screen in front of all their peers they had no idea what was going to come next as they and the audience then watched highlights of the recorded interviews and compared where the two experiences coincided and differed.

A powerful, memorable and thought-provoking experience for the audience to take home as well as a valuable snapshot of the positive relationship the company had with all of its clients (or was it...?).

Just one more example of how Screentime has harnessed the power of video for its clients over the last 20 years. We produce evocative and cost-effective conference support across a range of budgets and requirements and we'd love to explore where our experience can help your organisation deliver a memorable presentation.