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Get Video On Your Website NOW.

There’s more to online video than embedded YouTube/Vimeo/BlipTV type services. These purveyors of small and very often low-quality video have created acceptance and an audience for web-based video, but they leave a lot to be desired for businesses and organisations wanting to present themselves in a professional and quantifiable way.

Until recently, a lack of content, poor connection speeds and limiting hardware has meant the online audience hasn’t had the true multimedia experience the internet has always promised. However, with those limitations being overcome, video has become the most compelling content online- and the content that people spend the most time with.

The ability of video to add measurable value to business is the reason it’s rapidly becoming a critical component of business communications. For your organisation, video is often the most powerful and cost-effective medium by which to convey the subjects, stories and passion for the work you do to the people you are trying reach. Among other benefits, online video can motivate prospects to buy, communicate what makes your business different, demonstrate how your products work and educate customers and employees.

Screentime has recently invested considerable time researching and testing an array of online video delivery services currently available to come up with the best solution for our clients.

Our web video solution is not only leading edge and feature-rich but most importantly extremely cost effective and very easy to manage. We’ve been able to match the quality of the videos we produce for our clients with a corresponding level of delivery online. Our showreel and client testimonials and examples on this website use just this solution.

We can offer features like automatic bit-rate selection, full-screen view, multi-player options, synchronized slides, integrated advertising, pictures, maps, e-mail and complete control of the size and the quality of the video. The benefit to our clients is that online video gets their message in front of people as intended and with the optimum user experience.

We believe your video should look like an integral part of your site and not just an afterthought so unlike consumer video hosting sites, our embedded players are fully customisable with a look and feel that can be matched to your corporate theme. They can also be branded with a logo, offer or any other call-to-action.

Adding video doesn’t mean an upgrade to your hosting plan or existing IT infrastructure. Our video players don’t use bandwidth or storage on your system because they are hosted off-site and delivered via the world’s number one video delivery platform- 48,000 Akamai media servers located in 70 countries. The guaranteed uptime is industry leading at 99.7% or better. And just like YouTube our players can be dropped into a website with just a few lines of code in a matter of seconds.

We also provide detailed reporting and metrics that can help measure the response to a campaign or message - giving a clear picture of the impact video on your website is generating.

The attached table compares our solution to your web video requirements with the leading online delivery options, YouTube and Vimeo. For more detailed information or to get us in to explore where online video would add value to your business, call or email Steve now.

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