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The Power of One... good video clip.

Is your company holding a conference or presentation of any kind in the next 6 months? Powerful visual presentations can add a whole new dimension to the event. I know- I've been involved in dozens from Bali to Vancouver.

Screentime can help you:

Establish a memorable, appropriate conference theme,

Explore concepts for conference opening and closing videos,

Provide suggestions for popular guest speakers and entertainment

By providing ideas for incorporating and blending the theme into team presentations for continuity

Incorporate great looking video and audio into PowerPoint support.
We can even manage the entire event.

The benefit to you is that by taking the planning and production of an unprecedented, dynamic and memorable conference off your hands it allows you and your team to concentrate on preparing powerful presentations, and to continue their daily roles right up until the conference.

Some of the classic and effective uses for video in presenting stimulating presentations include:

Opening video: This establishes the conference theme and message: puts the delegates in a receptive, interested mood. It includes images conveying the theme, and often celebrates the team by featuring images of team members 'in action'. A strong emotional 'call to arms'.

Closing video: Reinforces the message of the conference, possibly recounting conference highlights in a memorable and emotional farewell to the attendees. A successful and popular concept is to video the conference and edit key messages and images into a montage celebrating the event for the final session (you'd be amazed how many copies get ordered!). Feel good.

Session Breakers: Played at the beginning of sessions and before breaks. These help to focus the audience on the upcoming presentation or to reinforce/ encapsulate the key message of that session before going to a break. Often humorous, the benefit of them to your conference is that they keep the audience in a good mood, re-focus their attention quickly (always tricky after a break) and aid good retention of key messages.

We have exclusive, locally produced, business generic, and extremely entertaining session breaker clips available to show you now.

For a more detailed breakdown of these ideas, including music suggestions, email me now.

Want to see examples of successful conference openings we've produced in the past? Want some more ideas for themeing and jazzing up the dullest presentation? We're only a phone call or email away and happy to help you explore the many options.

Don't delay that conference will come around quicker than you think!