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Business Video Trends

We'd like to share with you some results from our October 2009 Annual Client Survey.

In part one of the survey we wanted to find out about corporate video trends: Such as where and how video was being used.

We first asked which organisations had produced a video and we found that nearly 50% had in the last year with a further 35% of respondents in the last 2 to 5 years.

Of those organisations 60% had created an external communications video for marketing or promotional purposes. An external educational or training video was the next most popular type at 30% and around 35% of surveyed organisations had produced a video for induction, conferences or presentation support.

DVD was the most popular medium for our respondents video. 65% used DVD whereas 23% used the internet or the corporate intranet. Using video support in a PowerPoint presentation scored at 8%.

However, half the respondents said that that video was subsequently re-purposed or converted to another format after its initial use- 67% to internet distribution, a third to DVD, 20% was used for presentation purposes and 13% was used on broadcast television.

The most common reason given for video being considered but not proceeded with was the cost or perceived cost. 73% of our survey respondents found this to be the major hurdle when producing corporate video, followed by time frame being too tight to complete in time.

In terms of future plans for corporate video, 67% of those surveyed said that they were considering using video in the near future. Marketing, promotion, education and training, staff video magazines, general news, conference and presentation support were all areas where video is being considered.