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Engaging through Narrative

People fear change, and they fear being judged. Sometimes just sitting down with a cuppa and talking over issues with others like them is the best way to allay those fears.

Many companies and organisations carryout engagement surveys to find out how involved in, and enthusiastic about, their work their employees are. How the resulting information, and the organisation's action plan for benefiting from it, is communicated to those staff can have a major impact on that action plan's ultimate success.

Some- in fact many- staff are skeptical about this process- everything from the confidentiality of the survey to how the information gleaned from it will benefit them personally.

A powerful use of the video medium is to deliver stories which elicit an emotional response. An internal communications video around the engagement process that presents the organisation as a team of people all working to the same purpose and making a positive difference to the growth of the country can not only most clearly communicate what ‘engagement’ means and why it matters but also how any ongoing action planning will benefit staff.

Happy, successful, positive team members- from across the ranks from upper management through to the real workers... are the engagement process’s best advertisement. Putting some warmth, humour and down-to earth language into this message, rather than just straight interviews, helps to make the video feel less corporate and head-office based. The video can also be used to introduce the entire company to these people- the next best thing to physically introducing staff to successful teams.

If you’re going to be visiting a cross section of the workforce it would seem appropriate to also take the opportunity to make this video a celebration of the organisation's culture and people. It can add very little to the total budget for this type of initiative but immensely to its longevity and usefulness to include a musical montage of the people that make the business successful. This material can be adapted and added to as more staff are recorded in the future, and also be used in other situations or presentations where you want to inspire the team and present the untied face of the organisation.

Such a video message is arguably the most emotive and, yes, engaging way to ensure staff are excited by opportunity to get more out of their job, feel positive about the engagement process, and feel more positive about being part of the team.

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