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Trade Show Video Strategy

A lot of companies believe that playing their promotional or marketing video at a trade show is all there is to it.

The purpose of a promotional video is to create awareness of a product or service. It talks about your point of differentiation, how your product works, how it can be used and it all comes together with believable testimonials. Your company story is conveyed in around 5-8 minutes.

This is perfectly suitable for presenting in a peaceful and comfortable area - such as an office or boardroom where there are usually comfy seats and even surround sound for the ultimate viewing experience.

By comparison, a trade show video has a difficult life. It only has seconds to grab the attention of weary passers-by. It has to make itself heard against the din of the show, PA system and other exhibitor's videos. And it has to be interesting enough to hold people's attention for longer than a couple of seconds, so that messages get understood.
You can't expect the traditional marketing video to be able to shine under these tough conditions. So what can you do to make your trade show video survive life in the tough streets of the trade show?

Trade show videos are specialised promotional tools that must be adapted to their unique environment.This involves at the very least re-editing your existing marketing video.

Trade show success is all about getting noticed and letting people know how you can solve their problem. Make sure your video builds brand recognition, continually communicates the key message or messages, gives you credibility and gets people wanting to talk to you. Otherwise, you're just wasting your marketing dollars.

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