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The "C" Word...


In tough times your business needs an edge. For many companies that means changing traditional and deeply-entrenched ways or doing things- driven either externally by changes in client or customer requirements, or internally by a desire to improve productivity, safety, or efficiency.

In areas such as compliance, environmental management for example, you can show clients how your businesses is different and how you're being proactive in meeting changing requirements.

One way of doing this is to maintain a visual record of your business's current change management process, especially with regard to how it improves delivery of the company's environmental management systems for its clients.

It could also become the basis for production of a video explaining why the change was required, how effectively the company responded to that need for change, and the affect on staff and clients.

The material recorded could take into account any major activities and milestones in the change management process, while keeping a record of progress at regular intervals through interviews with key stakeholders in the process- staff, management and clients. It could also be used to support future re-branding initiatives as well as reinforcing the company's values and culture.

The video should demonstrate the business's commitment to improving service delivery to its clients and setting the industry benchmark for environmental management processes- presenting the company as a credible and professional provider of change and environmental management training. In this way it's also suitable as an educational resource or case study for future training both internally and externally.

By editing this material on a quarterly or semi-annual basis the information could also be presented to clients, on DVD or online, as an update and progress report on these exciting changes and the benefits they're bringing to them. The short-term benefit to a business is that the material acquired can be utilised for marketing and client communication immediately and throughout the process rather than just at the end.

The primary audience for this video can be major clients and possibly NZQA or training organisations who need to understand the company's credentials as a suitable training provider.

After watching the video the audience would understand and remember 2 key messages:
- The benefits, to the company and its clients, of taking a holistic approach to business rather than simply concentrating on core services.
- That the business is a contractor that hears and acts on its clients environmental management requirements.