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Going Live: Webinars

Going Live: Webinars

You may or may not be familiar with the concept of webcasts or webinars- online meetings featuring audio, slides, and also live video. It's different to web conferencing, in that it's not designed for many-to-many interaction.

Webinars have some real benefits to organisations and businesses by allowing people to attend a meeting or seminar virtually- without leaving their home or office- and for some businesses they're the same place.

They allow your organisation's critical messages, conferences, workshops or events to be viewed simultaneously by an audience around the country- even on-demand, when it suits your audience later on.

They could be regular or one-off live CEO's updates out to the company, training sessions or product knowledge demonstrations held by a company or trade association.
Maybe you want to share a product launch or important announcement with the entire company outside of the invited guests onsite. Basically any message or event that you'd like to send out live- you can.

For a business that means reduced travel costs, travel time and improved engagement with staff and even clients. One of the world's leading communication networks companies, Cisco, saved itself one billion US dollars in travel costs in 8 months by using video conference and web video communications solutions.

For an organisation or association it means an improved value proposition which can help increase membership, and, potentially, income from charging for webcasting seminars, workshops and events to the wider membership, not just those in main centres.

So that's a quick overview of what webcasting is, but being the experts in online video delivery, we wanted to make it even easier for you to take advantage of this fantastic technology. So we've developed the Screentime BizCast webinar solution - a simple, but incredibly feature-rich way for you or your organisation to reach a wider audience.

"Absolutely brilliant. The Training Trust will be looking to use this technology to get technical seminars into video formats."
-Steve Coatham, General Manager, NZHEVAC Ltd.

Once you've decided to webcast an event we handle it from there- from providing planning templates and checklists, to recording the event, to online hosting and on-demand playback. We even provide helpful tips to presenters to ensure their message is delivered as clearly online as it is in the room. On the day of the event a 2-person BizCast crew arrive to setup the recording equipment and at the appointed time start streaming the event live. At the same time it's automatically recorded in High Definition for later DVD re-purposing and broadcast quality archiving.

The BizCast web player can be customised with any colour scheme and graphic design or branding you require and the video of the presentation along with any visual support are in separate interchangeable windows or full screen- the viewer decides what they prefer. With BizCast you can even have interaction between the presenters and the web audience through moderated live Q&A's, even live polls!

Then after the event your webcast can be made available 'on-demand', repurposed to a DVD or shared via links in emails or websites. Depending on the final webcast duration we can also supply you with a reference DVD of it while you're still at the venue!

And there's no need to get your IS team involved because all BizCast content is stored in a secure offsite server. We can provide detailed metrix so that you can see who watched what, when and for how long.

So now webcasting is available at your place, to all over the country and the world. And if that's got you thinking about the opportunities for your organisation, then get in touch so that we can explore this exciting medium with you.