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Effective Trade Show Video

Screentime has produced hundreds of videos for trade show presentations. Here are some of the basics we've learned along the way…

1/ Duration: Keep it SHORT.The average attention span of your audience for a video at a trade show is 15 secs! There's too much to see, it's too noisy to concentrate much longer and their feet are sore. By repeating the same short message over and over you have more chance of your audience getting that message no matter when they happen to be watching.

2/ Content: Make sure it's PERTINENT. Use it to attract attention to your stand – NO boring talking heads, preferably eye-catching, intriguing, visually stimulating images. Concentrate on communicating information the audience can't get from or see on the stand. It should supplement printed takeaways not cover the same material, otherwise why bother?

3/ Style: It's important to present the material with emphasis on the GRAPHICAL. A good test is how well does the video communicate the message when the sound's off? Shows are noisy and the audience may not be able to hear the audio at all so avoid narration or important info being conveyed audibly.

Use on-screen graphics to re-enforce the images, as well as any facts or data. And keep your brand/product/ company name or logo on screen as much as possible.

It's also handy to have a laptop available with the same video, and any others, ready to play on demand for visitors who want more information or to see a specific portion of your video. This can be set up to play off a menu-based CDROM or DVD so that they can select clips themselves.

4/ Playback: A LARGE SCREEN (or multiple small ones) positioned at HEAD HEIGHT,will give best presentation and mean that it can be seen from further away- catching the eye and attracting attention to you stand.

DVD is the ideal and most common playback medium as it offers the best quality, no deterioration of image over repeated playback and no need to stop and rewind.

5/ Don't put credits on your video – the audience doesn't care who the sound recordist was, and don't bother putting contact details up – you're there, you're contactable!

Here's a "looping" trade show video we produced recently, based on the approach outlined above, which aims to get show-goers onto the stand and very quickly demonstrate the features and benefits of the product.