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Regular Staff Videos

Once the company budgets are completed and the new financial year plan is underway, it's often a popular idea to use the same medium to personally communicate the strategy and timeline for the coming year.

Regular team Video Magazines are becoming more and more popular for keeping entire networks of informed and motivated, and we've had more requests for information on these over the last couple years than ever before.

Why use a Video Magazine to communicate to your team? Well essentially because everyone in the network receives the same information, at the same time, and in the most visually stimulating way possible.

The benefit to your business is that by using video you can dramatically increase the cut-thru of the messages you choose to communicate. This in turn improves the effectiveness of training and support office communiqués and therefore the quality of service.

To find out how Screentime can help you get the most value from video communications and achieve better informed teams and higher average sales, as well as viewing examples of how other companies have used video magazines to communicate to their teams, then email Steve.