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Loving Your Work

Loving Your Work

The Auckland Protected Employment Trust is a Charitable Trust which employs a diverse group of people with disabilities to do a wide range of commercial work.  To promote our organization and services to industry and the community, Screentime Communications was engaged to produce a six minute DVD with a brief to promote our services and at the same time to enable our people to take pride in the production.

From the first planning meeting, we found Steve King and his team to be very easy to work with and totally professional in everything they did.  Filming was done in a manner in which everyone was put at ease and given an opportunity to portray their feelings and involvement in their work.  Steve quickly identified the key points that needed to emerge and his manner was such that these were readily brought.  All aspects of the production were completed on time and with a minimum of disruption.  Throughout the production and since completion of the DVD, Screentime went beyond their brief to assist us in many ways and to ensure that the process was a positive experience for our people and that they could take pride in the DVD.

The final production was screened for our employees who received it with great enthusiasm.  Screentime Communications achieved everything that we asked of them, on time and within budget.  We were delighted with service Screentime Communications provided and the DVD they produced.  We strongly recommend them to any organization.

Gary Olney