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"My Customer" Launch

"My Customer" Launch

A quick note for you and your team to say thanks. The video was brilliant and it went down a treat. The room was hot and stuffy, Chris left the video to the end and it really picked up the room. 

I’ve had very positive comments for the last 5 days from everyone in the business. 

Thanks, Jamie

Jamie Rowlandson,

Systems & Reporting Manager

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications
I have worked with Screentime as our production company of choice for over a year now. I am thrilled with their expertise in helping us produce targeted and effective video communications that both engage and inform our employees and key stakeholders.
Whatever we throw at them they have responded with both professionalism and creativity. Once we give them our brief we can leave Screentime to organize and produce the video to budget and on time, and they’re are always prepared to go the extra mile.
Screentime have been excellent at accommodating all our needs and last minute adjustments.
We look forward to creating great video content together this year.
Katie Wilcock
Communications Advisor

The Late July Show

The Late July Show

"Super funny and a very interesting way of providing information – the DVD kept us all watching and waiting to see what comes up next”


"Entertaining and to the point, highlighted key things to remember”


"This format really worked for the field service team who cannot usually attend the roadshow due to timing”