Aw shucks, we're loved!


Harrison Grierson

2012 Intranet Launch

2012 Intranet Launch
...we were wowed. We were really impressed by our whole experience with Screentime. We didn't give you very much notice at all and in the lead up to Christmas when things are always crazy Steve and the team were excellent.

The intranet has been really well received, as has the video and I'm really pleased with the number of video views as we still have quite a number of staff away.

I would like to thank you for all your great work on the video.  We were really impressed and pleased and the feedback I have received from Glen and other management is all excellent, so thanks for everything.  As a result, we have already discussed using video again and at this stage we are thinking quarterly updates as a minimum. 

That said, I'll definitely be in touch in the next month so we can start planning for the end of the first quarter.  I'll give you more notice this time, as opposed to just a week before Xmas!

Thanks again.