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RAP Pimp My Store

RAP Pimp My Store

Both videos hit the spot and were well received from an education and entertainment point of view. We showed them both multiple times, particularly the network images which got many a chuckle at each showing. 'Pimp My Store'* certainly took the M.D's fancy as I watched him in the front row.

As for the process;
The ideas, guidance and execution rounded out and made our loose concepts come to life.
The doing, was painless and good fun.

Steve, quite simply it was a fantastic liaison and we look forward (the accountants willing) to working with you again in the future. Thanks for everything, we couldn't have done it without you.

Bruce McKinnon
National Sales & Operations Manager

* Winner: Fall 2008 US DV Award- Corporate Communication * Winner: Fall 2008 US DV Award- Scriptwriting * Winner: 2009 Bronze Telly Award- Employee Communications * Winner: 2009 Bronze Telly Award- Use of Humour * Winner: 2009 Bronze Telly Award- Copywriting * Winner: 2009 IBA Stevie Award- Employee Communication * Winner: 2009 IBA Stevie Award- Writing

Repco DIY Rescue

Repco DIY Rescue

Repco is a the major player in the Automotive Parts and Accessories market in New Zealand and has over 100 Stores throughout the country.

The company planned to change to the ACE system used by Repco Australia. Nearly every system used by our Branches, Distribution Centre and Support Office was replaced. Over 1200 people needed to be trained to use ACE.

As we entered the training phase of the project we wanted to ensure that all staff were aware of why we are moving to ACE, what is being done to prepare for the cutover and what training and support arrangements were being put in place. We wanted a clear concise way of getting this message to all staff and we wanted all staff to hear the message at the same time.

Your company is to be congratulated on producing an informative and entertaining film based around a Repco DIY Rescue plot. We found the whole experience of producing the film to be a lot of fun and all the cast and production crew to be very professional.

We distributed the video to all company locations on the 21st February and the feedback we have received has been very positive. Staff were entertained but, more importantly, are now very aware of the key facts underlying the ACE project.

On behalf of Repco, thank you very much,

Ross Gunn
Project Manager

* Winner: 2007 MCA-I Golden Reel- Internal Communications
* Winner: 2006 Bronze Telly Award- Employee Communications

2010 Conference Support

Hi Michael, 
Thanks a million for doing this for me at the 11th hour! 

Our wee video compilation went off a BLAAST!!!! 

Please also pass on my appreciation to Steve. 

Looking forward to doing more of the same in the future.

Best regards,

Paul Reeve
Regional Manager- Auckland

2008 Conference Opening


Bruce and I have just watched the entertainment that you managed to piece together from all the rubbish submitted to you.

Its fantastic.Thanks so much for making this [2008] conference outstanding!!

Maureen Tooth
Personal Assistant

Inside Repco

Repco has used Steve King's company as its sole provider of video products since 1988. During this time I have found Steve's work to be of the highest standard. His focus on producing a quality product is unrelenting.

"[They have] over the years produced… a monthly communication video that was sent to each of our stores, covering the month's results, new product releases, news from the network, etc. In addition to this regular video communication, it has produced for us many one-off videos covering such things as new product launches, supplier briefings and customer incentive programmes.

He is also very conscious of the need to remain within the budget set for each production and to my knowledge has never missed a deadline for Repco.”

Peter Webb,
General Manager- Marketing