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Boring Conference Videos

Is your company, or any of your clients, holding a conference or presentation of any kind in the next 12 months? Powerful visual presentations can add a whole new dimension to the event. Badly thought thru video support can bore the pants off the audience.

Some classic and effective uses for video in presenting stimulating presentations include:

Opening video:
Establishes the conference theme and message: puts the delegates in the correct mind-frame. Includes images conveying the theme, and often celebrates the team by featuring images of team members 'in action'. A strong emotional 'call to arms'.

Closing video:
Reinforces the message of the conference, possibly recounting conference highlights in a memorable and emotional farewell to the attendees. A successful and popular concept is to video the conference and edit key messages and images into a montage celebrating the event. Feel good.

Session Breakers:
These are great if you donít have or canít afford an experienced, or professional, MC. Played at the beginning of sessions and before breaks, these help to focus the audience on the upcoming presentation or to reinforce/ encapsulate the key message of that session before going to a break. Usually humorous, the benefit of them to your conference is that they keep the audience in a good mood, get their attention quickly (always tricky after a break) and aid good retention of key messages.

A good video producer should be able to integrate video support seamlessly into a presentation or conference, not stop the flow of information to "play a video". If you want to explore some of the exciting and innovative ways we can incorporated video into your event just drop us an email.

The benefit to your business is that by taking the planning and production of an unprecedented, dynamic and memorable conference off your hands it allows your team to concentrate on preparing powerful presentations, and their daily roles, right up until the conference.